"To Read Is To Dream Awake" Author ~ Carla Masterson

Ever since I was young girl, I have had a passion to read and to write. I have read every fairy tale known to man and I have enjoyed immensely delving into mysteries and anything written about fantasy that could take me to another place and another time. When I grew up (which is questionable) and after having had a wonderful adventure of singing as a profession I decided to try my hand at something new in my life, I commenced to write a children's book, 

and once my book was finished, I knew I was hooked for life..:-)

I am now an award winning published author with 300 + book signings behind me. My book has graced the palace in England and has had the wonderful opportunity

to be given to the elite of Hollywood.

My intent for writing "what's On The Other Side of the Rainbow" (The Secret of the Golden Mirror) is to give children a guiding post to help them know and understand we all need to have boundaries when it come to expressing our feeling and emotions. I want them to realize the importance of remembering the value of knowing what are feelings are for and that we as human beings are meant

to always care and love each other.

Now my second book is coming out and a new exciting journey begins...:-)

I couldn't be more GRATEFUL..:-) harmonysoup.com